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Car Accidents

The convenience of cars comes with a downside – accidents that cause damage to cars and injuries to people in them.  I’ve handled these cases successfully for 25 years.  Most attorneys do not provide assistance with car damage and rental claims – they handle the injury claim and leave the injured person “out in the cold” to deal with insurance companies for car damage & rental claims themselves.  My vast experience has convinced me that this is the wrong approach.  I pride myself in assisting my clients with car damage and rental claims – in most cases without any fee in addition to a standard fee for handling the injury claim.  A small, additional fee applies in cases where the car is a total loss because an extensive inquiry is required to determine the car’s pre-accident value in order to negotiate a fair total loss settlement with the insurer.

Auto injuries require specialized knowledge and experience to handle properly.  For example, personal injury protection or “PIP” insurance covers medical bills in full and 75% of lost earnings to a combined maximum of $8,000 coordinated with health insurance, if the injured person has health insurance.  PIP coverage is furnished by the injured person’s own insurer under their own auto insurance policy and is the central feature of Massachusetts’ no-fault auto insurance law.  Bodily injury claims are made with the insurance company that insures the at fault driver and provide money to compensate injury victims for their disability, pain & suffering, unpaid medical bills & lost earnings, and other related damages.  Under Massachusetts’ no-fault auto insurance law, an injured person can’t make a bodily injury claim unless:  (1) their medical bills exceed $2,000; or (2) they suffer a fracture (i.e., broken arm or leg); or (3) they die; or (4) they suffer loss of a sense, loss of a body part, or a disfiguring injury (i.e., scarring).  If the at fault driver does not have insurance, a similar claim can be made with the injured person’s own auto insurer under their “uninsured motorist” coverage.  Uninsured motorist claims are similar to bodily injury claims, however, disputed uninsured motorist claims are resolved through arbitration whereas disputed bodily injury claims are resolved through lawsuits & trials.

Slip & Fall

Slip & fall accident can cause serious injuries – particularly to seniors.  I’ve handled these cases successfully for 25 years.  These cases present legal challenges establishing that the owner of the property is legal responsible for the accident.  Inspecting and photographing the accident scene promptly is critical.  It is key to promptly consult with a qualified attorney.  Property owners – including both businesses and homeowners – have a general obligation to maintain their properties and not expose guests to injury-causing hazards.  These accidents are common at food stores where food items are prone to fall on the floor.  In the past, Massachusetts law did not allow injured people to recover money for accidents arising out of winter weather conditions.  However, Massachusetts law recently changed and money can be recovered in weather-related accidents if the owner of the property did not use reasonable care to reduce the risk of harm to visitors.

Wrongful Death

Hopefully, you will never have the experience of losing a loved one in an accident.  In my 25 years of experience handling injury cases (9 as a claims adjuster and 16 as an attorney in Mass. & NH), I’ve handled several cases where, tragically, the injured person died, including car accidents and house fires.  These cases require special, aggressive handling to ensure proper compensation.  It is key to involve a qualified injury attorney promptly.

Defective Product

Modern products can provide convenience and value.  However, defective products can cause both serious injuries and damage to homes and other property.  I have successfully and aggressively managed several defective products cases during my 16 year legal career including automobiles, doors, power tools, home appliances, and sports equipment.  I’ve handled claims in excess of $1 million.  It is critical to involve a qualified attorney promptly to ensure that key evidence is preserved and claims presented timely to the proper parties – including sellers and manufacturers.  I do not charge a fee for a meeting or telephone consultation.

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