Oftentimes, after a car accident, you might not immediately realize the severity of your personal injuries. Many serious injuries may not become apparent until days after the accident, even those that can life-altering consequences.

Visit Your Doctor Immediately After a Car Accident

It is very common to feel worse in the days following your accident than you did on the day it happened. Soft-tissue injuries-such as those commonly suffered in car accidents-do not always appear promptly, unlike a broken bone.

There are several compelling arguments for visiting your doctor immediately after a car accident. If you do not visit your doctor:

o You will delay the application of any preventative care;
o Your pain may become debilitating; and
o Your insurance company may use your failure to seek medical care against you during your claim settlement.

In addition to the important short and long-term medical considerations involved with seeking prompt medical attention to treat car accident injuries, the longer you wait to see your doctor, the harder it will be to prove your injuries were caused by your accident.

Always Cooperate With Your Doctors

Tell your doctor about any pain you suffer, even if it seems relatively minor, as it can be very difficult to gauge what could potentially become a more serious condition down the line. Any attempts at self-diagnosis could have a detrimental effect on your long-term health and comfort, as well as your car accident case and personal injury claim.

Missing a doctor’s appointment is a red flag to both your doctor and the insurance adjuster that your accident injuries are not as severe as you have stated. In order to recover the damages that you deserve for your injuries, you must prove you are injured.

Each time you visit your doctor, the status of your accident injury will be updated. This is why it is important to be very thorough in your description of your injuries and the pain that you are experiencing.

Also be sure to inform your doctor of any previous injuries, as this will likely impact the course of treatment for your accident injuries. Talk to your doctor about how your injuries are impacting your day-to-day life, and if they have caused you to miss work, or experience decreased mobility and activity. At the same time, demonstrate to your doctor that you are committed to following his or her orders for a complete recovery.

Finally, you must give your doctor a detailed explanation of what happened during your car accident. By telling your doctor every physical detail of your car accident-such as if you were hit from behind, or if the airbags deployed-you are assisting in your diagnosis and ensuring that your medical records are more complete.

By cooperating with your doctor, you demonstrate that your accident injuries are serious and that you are committed to doing what it takes to recover from those injuries.

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