To answer the question of how long a whiplash injury claim takes to settle in the vast majority of cases in the past we could have heard solicitors say things like “It may take a long time to settle”, obviously this was to a lesser or higher degree depending on the individual accident circumstances. For a straight forward whiplash claim it still required a patient waiting game for the solicitors to thrash out the liability with the case often dragging on and on.

Thankfully though as of April 2010 for the vast majority of car accident compensation claims now up to £10,000 this has changed and the timescale for accepting or denying liability for a road traffic accidents has been reduced to 15 days instead of between 60 and 90 days. The other key point is now solicitors and insurers use a new portal for sharing of information to further speed up the claim process and settle cases earlier. Many straightforward car accident whiplash claim cases are usually settled out of court as once the liability is admitted it’s just a case of deciding the appropriate damages each personal injury case requires to settle. Factors bought into consideration are loss of earnings, affects on hobbies and social life, pain and suffering, any long term effects to health the injury will have caused and the treatment required. This does not apply to higher injury settlement cases for example life threatening or more serious brain or spine injury for example. These sorts of claims can still take sometimes many years as the long term effect of the injury treatment and long term care required may not be fully established until such time has past.

It is therefore wise to hire an expert car accident solicitor who has the experience to help you with your individual case through the legal system however minor or severe your whiplash injury might be.

Finally if you believe that the solicitor has negotiated a fair offer on your behalf then accept the offer and the claim will be settled. If you have been affected by whiplash injury and are looking to make a compensation whiplash claim then contact an accident claim company who will be able to help you with the legal process.

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