Many victims wonder how long does it take to settle a car accident case especially if they have been injured or have experienced loss of property and need financial help immediately. Many things can happen as a result of a car accident such as a disability, vehicular damage, loss of job or even death. Those who have experienced some loss that requires immediate help are the most desperate to know how long does it take to settle a car accident case. Here are some basic guidelines in determining the length of time you can expect regarding vehicular accident case settlements.

1. Circumstances of Accident – As with any law case, the circumstances will determine the length of time and amount of energy necessary to resolve the issue. The more complicated the situation, the longer a case generally requires. If you are involved in a simple case that is clearly the other driver’s fault as determined by law enforcement and the driver does not challenge the assessment, you may see your case settled within a few weeks. A more complicated case that involves issues such as drunk driving, death or disability claims can require a lot more time and you can expect to be involved for several months or even a couple of years before it is resolved legally and financially.

2. Attitude of the Insurance Company – Another issue that can make a case shorter or longer is the attitude of the liable insurance company. If they refuse to settle in short order or decide to prolong the case by throwing up every paper thin issue they can find, you may be dealing with them for several months before every protest is met. On the other hand, a reputable insurance company that puts consumer interests first will usually settle a case within a few weeks rather than spend extra time and money on a prolonged case.

3. Ability of Your Counsel – The attorney that you choose will play an important part in whether or not your case is resolved successfully as well as in a shorter amount of time. When choosing a competent lawyer, be sure that you choose one that listens to you, that has handled several cases similar to yours and that has a success rate in dealing with car accident cases. An experienced attorney who handles mostly accident cases will do a much better job, generally speaking, than another lawyer who only handles these types of cases once in a while.

4. Your Patience – Some clients are so desperate to get a case settled that they will take an early settlement that may not be as much as they could ultimately receive if they relied on their legal counsel’s best advice. Some unscrupulous insurance companies will offer a meager settlement to desperate victims in order to protect their bottom line. If you have confidence in your legal advisor, be sure to exercise patience in waiting on the best settlement you can receive.

Be sure to keep these issues in mind if you are involved in any car accident suit so that you know what to expect. If you know realistically how long does it take to settle a car accident case, you won’t be as apt to make a poor decision that could negatively impact your future.

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