Proving negligence in Massachusetts can be difficult when it is against a government entity. In fact, filing a personal injury lawsuit against the government at any level can be tricky. If you have suffered personal injury because of a government entity, a Massachusetts personal injury attorney can help.

You may need to file a claim against a Massachusetts government entity, such as a city, county, the state, a public agency, or school if the person responsible for your injuries was working for any of those agencies at the time of your accident, or if your accident was caused by the negligence of that entity.

For example, if you were in a car accident that was caused by a damaged road that a city or state agency is required to maintain, you may be able to file a claim against them for damages.

Proving Negligence in Massachusetts Against Government Entities

Government entities have special protection known as “government immunity” or “sovereign immunity.” This makes filing a lawsuit against them extremely complicated. In most cases, you have the right to sue any person who is legally responsible for causing personal injuries.

After a serious accident, you have the right to recover:

o Medical expenses incurred
o Associated damages
o Property damages

When it comes to the government, you may end up losing out whether or not you were at fault, though your chances of winning improve when you secure the services of a personal injury attorney that is experienced in such cases.

Filing a Massachusetts Personal Injury Claim

If you have been involved in a Massachusetts accident that resulted in an accident injury, it is extremely important that you file a personal injury claim immediately. Many government entities require you to file a Claim of Notice within 30 to 180 days before you file a lawsuit. A Massachusetts personal injury attorney can help you to determine which entities are liable for your damages along with what requirements you must fulfill in order to successfully file a claim.

Each agency will have their own requirements for filing a personal injury claim, along with their own forms and time restrictions. If you do not file a claim within the state of Massachusetts time limit, or if you omit required information in your claim, you are at risk of losing the right to collect compensation. Working with an experienced Massachusetts personal injury attorney is critical in ensuring your claim follows all of the required protocol and is not denied.

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