Please keep in mind – if you have need of a lawyer, or think you might, call me @ (978) 317-2874.  I will not charge you for a phone call. Or Email Chris

General Legal Services

I’ve been a licensed attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for 16 years assisting clients with a variety of legal issues.  During this time, I’ve aggressively and successfully handled almost every type of legal case there is.  My unique experience allows me to personally service a wide variety of clients.  I also associate with other experienced attorneys to provide legal services for matters I do not frequently handle to ensure that all clients receive high quality and cost-effective legal representation.

Criminal Cases/DUI Defense

I’ve been an attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire for 16 years.  While attending New England Law in Boston, I was the top student in a criminal law class of over 100 people.  However, my law practice has focused on the handling of non-criminal cases.  I associate with other attorneys who have vast experience representing people charged with crimes.

Employment Cases

In the past, it was common for a person to work for one employer for life.  How things have changed.  Modern employees will frequently work for several employers over their careers.  Sometimes, employers fail to pay their workers as required by law or otherwise mistreat their employees.  Although I have some experience with employment matters during my 16 years as an attorney,  I associate with other attorneys who have vast experience.

General Business Litigation/Collection

The business world can be tough.  Sometimes businesses do not live up to agreements, including the failure to make agreed payments.  During my 16 year legal career, I have experience handling cases that involve disagreements between businesses.

Defense of All Types of Civil Lawsuits

Getting sued can be stressful.  “Civil lawsuits” are generally cases in which money is sought and no crime is alleged.  Sometimes, the lawsuit is covered by an insurance policy that pays for the cost of a defense attorney.  However, sometimes insurance companies don’t live up to their promises and refuse to pay for a defense attorney.  Some claims are not covered under insurance policies.


Zoning laws can be complex and confusing, and can greatly impact the lives of homeowners and business people.  I have successfully handled zoning cases during my 16 years as an attorney in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, and associate with attorneys who have vast experience

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