If you have been injured in an auto accident, you deserve the full compensation of a fair settlement. But how can you know what is fair? More importantly, how can you recognize an unfair settlement offer?

Unfortunately, a “fair settlement” is case specific, and there is no set standard. There are, however, many things you can do to ensure your settlement is as close to fair as possible.

Getting a Fair Settlement for a Personal Injury Claim

First, approach your case with a sound, strong claim. Your ability to achieve a fair settlement will rely heavily on a believable claim that shows the actual extent to which this injury has negatively impacted your life. The strongest personal injury claims are filed with professional legal assistance and should include a substantial amount of supportive evidence that backs up your claim.

Be sure that the following details are accurately calculated when requesting compensation for your accident:

• The full extent of your injuries
• Your total loss of income and/or earning potential
• The human cost – your loss of health that cannot be replaced

Insurance Companies and Fair Settlements

Your insurance company will want to protect their own interests, which means diminishing your benefits. Your insurer may attempt to disprove or deny your injuries and damages to make them seem less severe and thus warrant less compensation. Independent medical examinations are often requested for this purpose, but these exams can usually be used to strengthen your argument for compensation if the neutral physician can find evidence of the injuries you are claiming.

There may also be third-parties involved in your claim that can make the experience more complicated. These parties could include an auto manufacturer (for either your car or another involved) if faulty parts contributed to the accident, the driver at fault, or the insurer of the driver at fault. Working with an experienced personal injury attorney can help you stay organized and in control of your injury claim.

The Best Way to Gain Full and Fair Compensation: Seek an Attorney

A personal injury attorney with experience representing accident victims is always your best resource if you want to file a personal injury claim. Before hiring any attorney to work on your case, ask if they offer a free consultation. Meeting with an attorney before you hire them is essential since you’ll be working closely with this person for months or possibly years before a settlement can be reached.

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