If you have been injured in a Massachusetts auto accident and want to recover compensation for your injuries from an insurance company, you may be asked to undergo an independent medical evaluation (IME). The independent medical evaluation is a standard by which you can prove the validity of your injuries and gain compensation for them.

Why Get an Independent Medical Evaluation?

Recovering compensation for an accident-related injury is not as simple as it sounds. The main reason for this is the party paying for this compensation-be it your insurance company or the insurance company of the at-fault driver-does not want to dish out large sums of money, particularly if you are not actually injured.

Thus, the party from which you seek to recover compensation will want to have an independent physician examine you. The reason that the physician is “independent” is because it is assumed that your personal physician may be biased towards you and may exaggerate your medical condition to help you with your claim. The party being sued will also want to be sure that your injuries cannot be attributed to another cause besides your accident.

If you do not want to go through the independent medical evaluation, there may be several cases in which you are still forced to comply:

• If your claim is in any way questionable
• If language in your insurance documents requires the evaluation
• Circumstances allow for a Judge to mandate the evaluation
• If your physical or mental disabilities are in dispute

There are also circumstances when an independent medical evaluation cannot be ordered, including:

• The evaluation places undue burden on you
• If you only file suit to cover the damages to your vehicle
• If you file suit after the injury in question has healed

How the Required Independent Medical Evaluation Can Help You

If you are filing a personal injury claim against another party it is very likely that you will be required to submit an independent medical evaluation. This does not mean your claim is being denied, although it could be used against you depending on what the doctor finds.

An independent medical exam could just as easily help you in the long run if the doctor can support your injury claim. Treat this evaluation like any other medical examination, tell the physician everything about your injuries and be completely honest.

If you still feel any hesitation about the evaluation, know that your Massachusetts personal injury attorney can advise you during this process. A qualified attorney can help you prepare for your independent medical evaluation and ease any concerns you have.

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