Whiplash injury is an injury to neck due to sudden sprain, forward and sharply backward, in an accident. The sudden twist may result into severe neck pain immediately or over a period of time. The whiplash injury may have very severe side effects for the driver and passengers involved in the accident. You need to ask for medical assistance right away to avoid further complications. The second most important thing is to seek legal advice for claiming compensation from the person responsible for accident.

In the United Kingdom every driver is required by law to get motor vehicle insurance. In case of accident, the injured person can claim compensation from the driver’s insurance company. Sometimes if there is no insurance cover with the driver, still you can claim damages for the injuries sustained at no fault for yours.

Whiplash injury settlement in the United Kingdom is dependent on various factors such as:
o Gravity and seriousness of the injury,
o Time taken for healing and recovery and
o Method used for making compensation claims.

You can make claims for personal injury by following methods:
o Claim made through insurance company, or
o Claim settled in out of court settlement, or
o Claim made with the help of a lawyer representing you

You can avail the offer ‘no win no fee’ by lawyers. This will entitle you the non payment of lawyer’s fees lest you lose your case. Even if you win your case, the opponent’s insurance company pays your lawyer’s fees. This is very beneficial for the injured person as he does not have to bear the cost of his lawyer’s fees along with the expenditure on treatment.

The settlement awarded by court in these cases varies from case to case. If the medical report indicates very severe damage to your neck and psyche as a result of accident, then the court may grant you final payout considering all these aspects.

While measuring whiplash injury settlement payout, the court considers your loss of present and future remuneration, cost of future nursing care, transport costs and medication costs. You have to support your claims by providing genuine bills and proof of payment. You can be compensated quickly as the maximum time taken for whiplash injury settlement is six months. You can claim damages within three years of whiplash injury.

You can choose not to take help from the injury solicitor. However, there is one main drawback of choosing so. The insurance company may not give full compensation according to the seriousness of the injury. In one such case the injured person was offered much lesser amount as compared to the injured person’s entitlement. This can be avoided by taking help of an expert injury lawyer as he/she can present your case properly to get maximum payout from the insurance company.

The United Kingdom laws are well planned to help the accident victims. The injured person can recover all his/her expenses incurred including his/her lawyer’s fees from the insurance company. Therefore seeking legal aid in case of any personal injury can prove helpful to the injured person.

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