Workplace injuries can cause financial calamity.  Injured people face immediate questions including, “who will pay my medical bills?” and “how will I pay my rent or mortgage and other bills when I can’t work?”  Workers compensation insurance provides coverage for:  (1) medical bills; (2) lost earnings; and (3) visible scarring and loss of function of a body part such as when an injured worker has knee surgery after which their knee does not fully recover to the condition it was in before the accident.  I will work aggressively to get you your benefits.  In some cases, the claim of a worker with on-going disability is settled on a “lump sum” basis.  The insurance company agrees to a settlement in exchange for the injured worker agreeing to give up the right to collect weekly lost earnings benefits.

I have worked as an attorney in Massachusetts & New Hampshire for 16 years and have a track record of success handling workers compensation cases in both States, including winning a case appealed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court.  Often, injured workers are surprised to learn that their employer and/or their employer’s workers compensation insurer contest workplace injuries.  The financial interests of employers and their insurers are served by denying and contesting claims.  It is critical to consult with a qualified attorney immediately following a workplace accident.  I do not charge a fee to meet with me or discuss a case by telephone – consultations are free.  Legal fees in both States are set by law and are relatively low.

If you’ve been injured at work, call me now @ (978) 317-2874 to discuss it for free.  I will not charge you for a telephone call. Or Email Chris

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